Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-031-36658-1
(softcover and eBook options available)
Published by Springer Verlag, Germany

This month sees the publication of a new, ground-breaking study, edited by Marie-Elise Zovko The Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia, and John Dillon of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and published by Springer in Germany. The first book of its kind to consider tourism itself as a phenomenon of human culture, Tourism and Culture in Philosophical Perspective includes twenty-one chapters contributed by international scholars, on a variety of subjects related to the theme.

In the introduction to this volume, the editors discuss the need for philosophical reflection on tourism as a cultural and human phenomenon. They give brief accounts both of the original conference which was the starting point of the discussion, and the papers contained in this volume. They consider pressing social and environmental issues associated with the phenomenon of tourism, tracing its roots from antiquity to the present and explore the peculiar connection between tourism and human behaviour as well as tourism and culture. Insights are provided into the causes and possible solutions of problems arising from mass tourism, overtourism and “revenge tourism” in the post-pandemic world.

The papers in this volume examine crucial social, physical, psychological and cultural factors influencing tourism practice and their significance for the nurturing of human happiness and well-being, in order to help assure the preservation of the necessary conditions for life on earth.

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