Bristol Classical Press, 1996

This work, which is the first book-length study in any language of the whole development of Platonism in the 300 years between Cicero and Plotinus, the author lays the scholarly and intellectual groundwork for what is now recognised as a distinct phase in the development of the Platonic tradition – Middle Platonism.

The author opens with a study of Plato’s oral teaching and the work of his immediate successors Speusippus and Xenocrates. Among other Middle Platonists covered in the work are Antiochus of Ascalon, Eudorus of Alexandria, Philo of Alexandria, Plutarch, Numenius, Apuleius, Albinus, Alcinous, Atticus, Maximus of Tyre, and Calcidius. An invaluable source for the study of this fascinating period.

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